Custom Engineered Jib Cranes

Abell-Howe Engineers are up to the challenge of most any Jib Crane Application. Severe Duty / Extreme Weather Conditions / Any Capacity, Span or Height!

Reaching New Heights with a Custom Solution




Custom Jib Cranes

Abell-Howe Custom Engineered Jib Cranes can be designed to meet the needs of our customers.  We can design:

Jib Cranes up to 20 Ton Capacity

Spans as far out at 45 Ft available

Mast Height to 50 Ft.

Special Designs

Our Special Designs include careful review by our experienced Application & Structural Engineers:

  • Galvanized Steel
  • Commercial Blast Paint Preparation SSPC-SP6
  • Epoxy Paint
  • Wall Traveling Jib Cranes
  • Jibs for Barges
  • Stainless Steel
  • Hoists for Any Application
  • Explosion Proof

Our Work